Music Merch: Websites for T-Shirts

Music Merchandise: Websites for Band T-Shirts

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One of the biggest challenges for bands is making money. The obvious way to make money is to play gigs and sell your albums and songs. Another way to increase your income is to create and sell custom merchandise, especially t-shirts.

If your band is just getting started and doesn’t have any merchandise yet, or if you’re looking to find a new merch supplier, here are some places to consider:

Bands On A Budget

Since its staff is made up of musicians, this site is aware of your needs, from merchandise selections to quick turnaround times, design services to budget friendly options. Bands on a Budget makes it easy and affordable for your band to create and sell the custom t-shirts, apparel, stickers, print products, indie cards, vinyl banners, and other promotional material your loyal followers want. The site provides instructions for submitting your artwork, or you can use their design team.

Merch Kitchen Screenprinting

Another great spot for DIY printing is Merch Kitchen Screenprinting. This small outfit, based out of Nashville, Tennessee, does a number of things to make ordering merchandise easier for your band, including not requiring minimum orders and bundling products into packages for you. For example, for the month of January, they waived shipping on t-shirt orders over $200. Like the above site, they offer design services for a fee or allow you to upload your existing design.

We Need Merch

We Need Merch has good deals for bands who are hoping to begin selling merchandise at their shows and need bulk orders. Right now, they are offering one hundred t-shirts for just $400. If you sell the shirts for $10 or $20 each, that’s a pretty hefty profit for your band. The site allows you to upload your design or use their design team.

My Custom Band Merch

Another supplier for your band’s merchandise is My Custom Band Merch. This site specializes in t-shirts and other wearable merchandise. The website’s built-in design tools make creating your products simple and fun; if, on the other hand, you have a design ready, you can use that instead.

Of course, there are great suppliers popping up all the time that can provide your band with the merchandise it needs. Look around online and find those that best meet your needs.

Does your band offer merchandise at shows? Do you use any of the above suppliers? If not, what suppliers do you recommend?

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