Looking for some space, besides your garage or bedroom, to record a demo or song? What about that new album? We can help! Whether you tackle your project on your own or use our team of professionals, we have the space, the equipment, and the tools you need for your recording project! Our professionals have over 20 years of experience.


Releasing new content is an important way to maintain fan engagement. One of the best and easiest methods to do this is to release music videos. These can be as simple as a lyric video, as classic as you and your band playing on a stage, or as complex as some movie productions. Whether you keep things simple by shooting and editing it yourself or hire one of our professional videographers to do something epic, we have what you need!


We hear from venues and artists alike about the struggle to find good bookings. Venues want acts that will bring a crowd, engage with the audience, take care of the equipment and space, and put on a great show. Artists want venues that treat and pay them fairly, have the right vibe for their music, have enough room to bring in a good crowd, and put the focus on music (not some game on TV). To help, we’re putting together a site for bands looking for venues and venues looking for bands. Connect, book, perform, and rate your experience.

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