• funding for merch purchases (Tshirts & Hoodies)
  • digital distribution of your music (iTunes, Spotify, etc)
  • merch fulfillment (Tshirts, discs, etc)
  • no chargebacks for merch that doesn’t sell
  • a webpage to feature your music and merch
  • shopping cart to sell your products
  • plugins to sell your music on Facebook
  • fan communication strategies


We want to help musicians build sustainable careers. We see what’s happening in the music industry. Digital downloads are giving way to music streaming, which pays artists next to nothing for their creations, but you gotta embrace the opportunity these mediums provide.

So… You need a distribution partner that will really make a difference. Our goal is to create income for you while you conquer the world.

Fans are all over the internet, but harder than ever to truly connect with. Opportunities for gigs and licensing abound, but knowing which opportunities to pursue and how to stand out from the masses of other artists is difficult. From our vantage point, independent artists aren’t lacking talent or effort. You guys ROCK, and you work SO HARD. Yet, despite that hard work and talent, artists are struggling to make a decent living, and many can‘t support themselves with their music. So, we decided to take action, starting right now.


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