The Sun Music Group is Looking for New Writers!

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The Sun Music Group is one of the few remaining Record Companies that have an open door policy to New Writers. If you write Poems or Song Words that you feel will make Great Songs, they invite you to send them to them for Evaluation.

They provide Song Co-Writing for Writers of Poems and Song Words. They have Talented Music Composers who Specialize in Writing Music to Compliment Words, giving them the best chance for success.

If you have Poems or Song Words that need tweaking, send them to Sun Music Group for review. Song Editing and Co-Writing is one of their Specialties. This service is Free. If they make adjustments to your words, you still remain 100% owner of your Words.

You remain 100% owner of all words that you submit to Sun Music Group. If you write a song that is successful, you are given full credit and are paid all Songwriter Royalties Earned.


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