Song of the Year Songwriting Competition

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Pop, Country, Lyrics Only, Adult Contemporary, Folk, Rock, Hip-Hop, Christian, Instrumental, DEM

Are you a songwriter? Want a chance to win $30,000 and other great prizes for doing what you love as well as network with music insiders?

Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest encouraging the art and discipline of songwriting whose primary focus is to find great songwriters while helping them network with professionals in the music industry. For 15 years, Song of the Year has been a leader in offering songwriters great opportunities through the contest and by networking the top writers with music insiders. Songwriter’s submissions are judged by a panel of music professionals. The preliminary-judging staff consists of notable songwriters as well as people who have shown leadership in music related fields.

There are 10 categories: pop, country, lyrics only, adult contemporary, folk, rock, hip-hop, christian, instrumental, and DEM

First place prizes include: $30,000 CASH, a $4,000 gift card at Guitar Center, an Apple Mac pro configured for music recording, an Apple Thunderbolt Monitor, instruments from Yamaha and Taylor Guitar, and much more!

Entry fee for 1 song is $29.95