Forward Thinking EDM Record Label Seeking New Artists

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Licensing & Publishing
Electronic Dance Music

Wolf Beats Media is searching for talented artists, DJs and Producers to sign

Wolf Beats Media is a label with added features. They handle the work of the artist (such as mastering, design, and bookkeeping), and help distribute their work worldwide through various mediums such as online digital stores and streaming sites. We handle all legal paperwork and promotional/marketing work, this helps out by allowing the artist to keep working on projects without a worry.

Their artist roster includes the likes of Astra, Omni, Desso, Archie, Terlia, Rob Gasser, Internet Empire, Murtagh, Avionics, Nitro Fun, Soulfall, Jaxstronk, Glacier, and many others.

Right now they are accepting EDM submissions to consider.

Wolf Beats only accepts unreleased, never-before-heard tracks.


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