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4 Cost-Free Ways to Promote Your Music

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The magical world of independent musicians—where we play to feed our passion and where making money may be just a dream for the distant future—requires many of us to wear multiple hats, from scheduling our own gigs to finding the best (and budget-friendly) marketing strategies.

With that in mind, here are a few easy and free marketing techniques that you should be utilizing:

Google Alerts

Do you know that you can get free alerts from Google when new internet conversations occur about your band’s music? Google scours the interwebs to find the keyword and sends you an e-mail. If you have a unique band name, like “Punky and the Obese Flies,” sifting through the results should be quick and easy. If the name of your band is “The Frogs,” then you may have to weed through links about licking psychoactive frogs. Stay focused! It’s marketing time! Follow these free trails back to the discussion about your band and interact with these fans.

Follow up with your fans

Get in on the conversation. Use social mediaFacebook and Twitter, for starters. The way most fan bases grow is through sincere interaction between musicians and the fans. Drop the “rock star” complex and talk with your fans. Thank them for supporting you, listening to your songs, and coming to your shows. However, if you don’t post regularly, your Facebook “likes” may forget why they ever like your music in the first place.


Another great (and free) social media platform is YouTube. Post videos of your band’s performances or covers of your favorite songs on YouTube, then link them up to your other social media profiles.

QR Codes

Have you heard of these? Anyone with a smart phone can scan the code (on your gig flier or business card or disc packaging) and be directed to a webpage of your choosing without typing in the address. You can link this barcode to your ReverbNation profile, your Facebook fanpage, or your band’s website, giving potential fans immediate and easy access to the unique musical creations of your band.

Now, go out and put one or all of these to good use… then get back to playing!

Have you tried any of the above methods to promote your music? How did it work out? Are there other methods you’ve tried that market your music better?

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