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Get Gigs: The Best of Online Booking

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Need help finding your next show? Do you want a bar? A festival? A house party? Don’t know where to start?

Online booking sites can be a great resource for your band, but finding the right site and knowing what to look for can make a huge difference. Below, we highlight several sites for you to consider.


Sonicbids is a streamlined way for your band to apply for opportunities including music festivals, magazines, and gigs. The registration fee is $12.99 for a monthly subscription or $9.99 a month with an annual subscription. When you sign up, you will create an electronic press kit (EPK) that includes photos, streaming music, and video. When you find an opportunity that interests you and your bandmates, you simply pay the application fee, which ranges from a couple bucks up to $50 for larger festivals.


GigMasters has the most positive online reviews and best reputation for showing you how to book gigs. Paying the membership fee of $79 for three months does not mean you won’t have to do some work. This requires a professional EPK or resume that showcases why your band is worth the money you are asking for. Including a live music video is a must to demonstrate to promoters that you can play in front of a crowd. Edited music clips are not a good sales tool for live gigging.


ReverbNation allows fans, bands, venues, and record labels to create profiles. The basic artist profile, which includes their gig finder service, is advertised as free. However, ReverbNation requires that you have a Reverb Press Kit to submit booking requests, and it charges $5.95 per month for this service (not considering a free trial period). They also offer three different subscription levels (free, $19.95, and $41.67 a month), with a good handful of other services a la carte.

Gig Salad

For good results with Gig Salad, you’ll probably want at least the semi-pro membership, which costs $9.99 a month but provides access to gigs within a 120-mile radius. Adding music or video to your profile will require upgrading to the pro membership for $19.99 a month, but this also includes an unlimited radius. Gig Salad is also geared toward magicians and other entertainers, but it can be useful for musicians, too. Booking one gig from the site will pay for six months of membership.

Overall, be wary of postings that are vague about the requirements and details or, worse yet, don’t have any listed. Also, be sure that you’re going after gigs that you are ready for. Maybe save that Carnegie Hall gig for when you have a few more shows under your belt…

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Have you used an online booking site? How did it work out for you? If you haven’t, what’s holding you back from trying one?


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