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Don’t Fake It To Succeed as a Musician

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When you are a musician trying to get gigs or be heard by a larger audience, you need to remember to just be yourself. There are several reasons why remaining genuine is the best path for a musician to take.

Mystery Does Not Equal Trust

If you think that hiding behind lies and contradictory statements and actions creates a sense of mystery about you as an artist, you’re half right. What you’re missing is that band mates and venues won’t want to work with someone who they don’t know and can’t count on. When there are no alternate truths, there is no confusion as to who you are or what you’re really trying to say.

Your Reputation

The label of “phony” can be devastating and difficult to shake, especially if given publicly. While the struggle to rebuild your reputation can be frustrating, try looking at it from their side: when you have been lied to by someone, it’s difficult for you to take them at their word going forward. Your fans, band mates, and critics will all need time to trust you again. Save yourself the struggle and be genuine from the beginning.

Critical Eye

As a musician, you want to sell a consistent image of yourself and your group, then back that up with your actions. If you are going to contradict that image—whether with your actions or by speaking out on a subject—be prepared to take the fall for it. On the flip side, if your actions and words consistently reinforce your image, you might gain some acclaim. Remember: critics are a musician’s best friend and worst enemy.

Emotional Connection

Being genuine is also vital in performing and connecting with fans. Performances should be an emotional ride for fans, but that means you feeling and showing the emotion of the songs you’re performing. Don’t fake it and go to exaggerated extremes, but you should be feeling your own music and sharing those feelings with fans. If you don’t feel your music… you have other problems.

Rather than trying to win your fans or band mates after being less-than-genuine, it’s important for you keep your message as genuine as possible.

In your music career, have you struggled to stay genuine and true to yourself? What has helped you through that struggle?

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