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While some of our services are geared toward local artists and in-person work, we offer a number of services that could benefit independent artists across the country. Read on to see how WE can help YOU!

Tap into Sustainable, Ongoing Income

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One signifier of a sustainable, successful music career is whether or not a musician is able to support himself with his music, yet many talented artists struggle with this. To help, we’ve come up with a fan support system. Your loyal fans pledge to support you with funds every time you release new material. Fans won’t be spending more than a couple bucks per release, but when you have hundreds or thousands of fans doing so, the funds add up quickly. Those are funds YOU can use to record, order merch, invest in instruments, or pay the bills.

Build Better Rapport with Venues

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We hear from venues and artists alike about the struggle to find good bookings. Venues want acts that will bring a crowd, engage with the audience, take care of the equipment and space, and put on a great show. Artists want venues that treat and pay them fairly, have the right vibe for their music, have enough room to bring in a good crowd, and put the focus on music (not some game on TV). To help, we’re putting together a site for bands looking for venues and venues looking for bands. Connect, book, perform, and rate your experience.

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Overhaul Your Website

Many artists treat their websites like landing pages, pushing their fans and visitors out to dozens of different websites. We understand that this is a common practice, but from a business perspective, it makes NO sense. It’s hard enough to get your fans’ attention and get them to your website… so why on earth would you send them away to be distracted by other things (we all know that social media can be a black hole), shown other bands whose music they might buy instead, and separated from you (in terms of information and income) by retail systems?

We have website solutions to help. You can stream samples of your music on your website, share your music videos, sell your music digitally and physically (maintaining all profits minus Paypal’s cut and collecting your fans’ priceless contact information), have fans sign up for your mailing list, and more!

Develop a Marketing Strategy

There is little point gathering fans’ contact information if you’re not going to do anything with it… so let’s do something! Our team of experienced marketers can help you brand your messages, figure out which content to share and when to share it, set a schedule for regular communications, and start building your contacts into a loyal and active fanbase!